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How to Use Google Scholar to Support Your Garden & Nature Programming

In this workshop, you'll learn how to cite relevant research to strengthen your garden and nature program proposals, whether you’re seeking employment, approval for a new program, or fundraising for a garden.

What you'll get:

  • 60 minutes of recorded video 
  • a 14-page Google workbook & guide
  • any future content that I add to this workshop

I share my screen as I demonstrate by example how you can confidently search in Google Scholar for recent rigorous research that’s relevant to your participant group and to the garden and nature intervention you (wish to) facilitate. 

The workbook and guide has space to record your searches, and provides shortcuts for searching common participant groups, interventions and outcomes.

Is this training for you?

How might you use the research you find? 

In a poll at the 2023 Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association's online conference, attendees said they would like to:

  • fundraise for a garden or greenspace (50% of attendees)
  • fundraise for a program (65%)
  • validate your program to your manager, colleague or clients (75%)
  • find the most effective way to deliver your program (75%)

After my workshop, 52% of conference attendees polled were "way more confident and excited about the possibilities", and an additional 33% were "a lot more confident". That's a total of 85% of attendees feeling much more confident about searching for research on Google Scholar. Wow! 

Your nature muse: Shelagh Smith, HTR, MAEEC

Shelagh inspires healthcare professionals to engage with nearby nature for self-care, and to share this evidence-based practice with their peeps for health promotion and therapeutic intervention. 

She's a professionally registered Horticultural Therapist with the CHTA in Canada and the AHTA in the United States, and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Education and Communication.

For 23 years, Shelagh developed and led therapeutic garden programs for care home residents, while supervising and mentoring many students and volunteers. She taught people with mental health challenges how to grow their own food, collaborated on the design of restorative and enabling gardens, and gave 100+ live multi-media presentations and workshops to healthcare, community, and professional organizations. 

Vancouver, Canada is her local nature playground, and she loves to travel on the back roads of British Columbia with her husband and their tiny Trillium trailer.

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